Ladder Love

Have had a fascination with ladders for some time now, and decided it was time for a new project.

Step 1 – Pinterest Inspiration

Having scrolled through hundreds of pictures on Pinterest for inspiration, I decided I wanted an old stepladder which I could use as shelving in the lounge to fill a very narrow and unfunctional space.

Step 2 – eBay purchase

Found this old stepladder which I thought would be the perfect size – tall, and wide enough steps to offer functionality.

2015-04-26 22.00.23 2015-04-26 22.00.26 2015-04-26 22.00.29

Step 3 – Wash

Decided the easiest way to wash the ladder was to bung it in the bath so I could hose it down properly. Not an easy task! And my bathroom as well as myself needed a complete scrub down afterwards

Step 4 – Sand

I could have probably avoided this step, but at the time, I decided I wanted to keep the ladder in its natural wooden state, therefore spent a number of hours trying to sand off the paint splatters. Needless to say, that even with my incredibly reliable mouser, and elbow grease, these paint splatters were not giving up!

2015-04-19 13.02.17

Step 5 – Stain

I made a stain by soaking steel wool in apple cider vinegar overnight; the cider vinegar mixed with the steel wool creates a natural grey stain, which is popular with the current vintage / industrial trend. After brushing on and leaving for a few hours to develop, I decided I wasn’t happy with it. The stepladder had been made from three different types of wood and therefore the results of the stain was more effective in some areas than others. It didn’t do it justice. Cue….paint!!

Step 5 – Paint

I had some leftover Annie Sloan French Linen Chalk Paint (from my chair project); it only needled one coat.

2015-05-17 16.53.30

Step 6 – Wax

I gave the ladder one coat of clear wax to seal the paint, followed by a coat of dark wax to give the ladder an aged look

2015-05-17 16.53.38

Step 7 – Distress

I sanded down the ladder on the edges and areas prone to wear and tear

2015-05-17 17.13.542015-05-17 16.54.27

Step 8 – Display

Very happy with the final result, managed to get more on the shelves than anticipated. It fills the gap perfectly

2015-05-17 17.21.432015-05-17 17.41.092015-05-17 17.41.242015-05-17 17.41.28

Before and After Ladder

2015-04-26 22.00.23  2015-05-17 16.53.48

Before and After in the Lounge

2015-05-17 17.16.492015-05-17 17.41.09


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