Tubs and Tiles

Sofitel, Bangkok

Nothing beats a good old soak at the end of the day, but choosing the all important bath tub is like a minefield. I have yet to purchase my first tub, but when I do I know exactly what style I want to get (let’s hope the bathroom is big enough!).

I have a little bit of an obsession with the clawfoot tubs; love their shape and style and there’s something very regal and sexy about them. I am also in love with Moorish geometric tiles, and have scoured the net for my favourite tubs and tiles.

Here is my list of the Top 10 Tubs and Tiles combos………..

10. Subtle Black & White

9. Fresh & Breezy

8. Stylish Country

7. Statement Tub

6. Outdoor Living

5. Bold Monochrome

4. Asian Zen Style

3. Black & White with a flash of Brass

2. Vintage Glitz

1. Eclectic Look

The Eclectic bathroom stole the show for me with its beautiful blue tub and striking Moroccan floor tiles and rustic wooden furnishings. It breathes home for me with its easy living / non fussy layout.

Which one was your fave?


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